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Are you searching for the best sewing machine foot control? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

The best sewing machine foot control pedals are all that you need to streamline your handicraft projects. However, the overwhelming number of brands and models out there will only make your head spin every time you’re ready to make a purchase.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Ideally, the more ‘universal’ a sewing machine foot control is, the more favorable the reviews you are bound to find for them. When we say universal, we mean, of course, its range of compatibility across sewing machine brands and models.

After conducting our own little research, we’ve shortlisted a couple of the best sewing machine foot control pedals in the market. If you scroll on further, you’ll find our reviews of 5 of our favorite products:

1. Bastex Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal & Cord J00360051

The fact that the Bastex Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal & Cord J00360051 is compatible with a staggering number of Kenmore and Babylock models, is what makes it so impressive. You’ll find that this food control pedal can also be used with the Bernina 800 and a couple of dozen Brother sewing machines as well.

Alternatively, we confirmed that this foot pedal also works with Viking Huskylock models, Simplicity models and even Riccar models.

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  • Can run constantly without overheating
  • Compatible across a large variety of brands and models
  • Affordable


  • Their durability is inconsistent across models

2. Singer Electronic Foot Control With Cord (419451-003)

The Singer Electronic Foot Control With Cord, naturally, works with most Singer models, which also includes their incredibly popular, 14U series. However, this product can also be implemented across plenty of other Babylock models including, Bernette, Consew, Elna, Euro-Pro, Juki, Mammylock, Necchi Quilter, Nelco, Pfaff, Riccar, Simplicity and White.


  • Compatible across a large variety of models
  • Solid and durable design
  • Works smoothly after a gentle learning curve


  • May be difficult to install, at first


3. Compatible With Singer Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal (979314-031)

As its name implies, the Singer Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal is the perfect addition for most Singer sewing machines, which include several 110 models, such as 3014, 4325, 6212C, 1872, S4538 and 6105. In addition to these, you can also use this foot pedal as an attachment for the J.C. Penny 7507 and several DressMaker models.


  • Perfect replacement for Singer sewing machines
  • Compatible with many other models
  • High quality construction


  • May be a little difficult to use with vintage Singer models


4. Brother Foot Control Pedal XC6651121

If you have a Brother sewing machine that is now inaccessible because someone misplaced its foot pedal, you can always get back to your projects with the Brother Foot Control Pedal XC6651121. It is probably the best sewing machine foot control pedal replacement for this particular brand and is compatible with a long list of models.

Other than Brother sewing machines, this foot control pedal is also compatible with a few dozen BabyLock models.


  • Best replacement for Brother foot control pedals
  • Connects to Babylock machines easily
  • The pedal’s surface is designed for better foot grip


  • A little pricey


5. Universal Foot Pedal W/Light & Motor Block FC-143

The Universal Foot Pedal W/Light & Motor Block FC-143 is, arguably, the most versatile option on this list, however, it comes pretty close to the Singer Electronic Foot Control With Cord. This one-piece pedal is compatible with Alphasew, Alco, Brother, DressMaker, Domestic, HomeMaker, Good Housekeeping, Janome, Montgomery Ward 7 Jewel, Morse, Necchi, Riccar, Universal, and White models.


  • Arguably the most versatile food pedal in the market
  • Smooth operation
  • No installation required


  • A little pricey

Features to Consider When Buying a Sewing Machine Foot Control


The best sewing machine foot control pedal according to your purposes is based on whether it is compatible with the brand(s) of sewing machine(s) you use. On the other hand, the manufacturer of a foot control pedal is also a worthy consideration since it determines how much quality you can expect from its operation.


Like with most craft-related accessories, you will get exactly what you pay for. If you’re working on a budget, you’ll have no choice but to choose the cheaper alternative. However, when you decide you spend a little extra, the magic begins to unfold. For instance, the more you spend, the larger range of models your foot control pedal will be compatible with.


How important is portability and mobility for you? Are you accustomed to carrying your work around with you? If so, then you should stay away from permanent and dedicated foot control pedals, which are often determined by their overall weight. However, a device may be slightly heavy AND portable if it has a well-designed storage back included.

Frequency of Use

If you plan on using your foot control pedal only occasionally, then there may be no point in investing in an expensive and sturdy product. You can always get away with a cheaper alternative and prolong it with minimal use. Of course, you could do the same and prolong a good quality machine even longer. Again, you’ll have to shortlist your decision based on Brand and Price.

Our Final Thoughts

It isn’t easy to pick just one out of five of the best sewing machine foot control pedals. However, your priorities can help minimize your options a little more. For instance, you can settle for the Brother or Singer foot control pedals if you rely on their brand image for trustworthiness and you don’t plan on shifting models anytime soon.

However, if you are accustomed to switching machines often, which is a norm in commercial applications, then you should probably invest in something that offers a wider spectrum of compatibility. For instance, you could try the Universal Foot Pedal to experience all-in-one compatibility.

Of course, if you’re more of a Best Overall kind of craftsman, then we’d highly recommend the Bastex Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal & Cord as our Ultimate Top Pick.

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