How Much is a Monogram Machine Going to Cost?

How much is a monogram machine really going to cost? Prices for sewing machines, quilting machines, embroidery machines, and monogram machines can vary greatly. We’ll go into detail about how much you can expect to pay for different types of monogram machines.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Monogram Machines

Here are some common price levels for monogram machines:

  • Entry-level monogram machines with 20 to 50 built-in patterns and a 4” x 4” workspace costs around $250 to $400.
  • Mid-range monogram machines with 50 to 100 built-in patterns and a 5” x 7” workspace costs around $400 to $600.
  • High-end monogram machines with 100 to 300 built-in patterns and an 8” x 12” workspace costs around $600 to $1,000.
  • Multi-needle monogram machines with 4 to 8 needles typically cost around $2,000 to $7,000.

What Are Monogram Machines?

Monogram machines, commonly used to monogram linens and handkerchiefs, can also perform a wide variety of embroidery. The design of monogram machines is similar to a sewing machine. It does not sew, it embroiders; which is why you might hear others refer to them as embroidery machines.

Monogram machines are now computerized. You will find a wide selection of built-in embroidery patterns and fonts to choose from and can select the pattern and font you want from the LED display on it. Some monogram machines may give you the option to connect it to your computer or have a USB port, thus giving you increased access to more patterns and fonts online.

What Should You Consider Before You Buy a Monogram Machine?

You should consider the following things before you buy a monogram machine:

Embroidery Machine

1. Number of Patterns Available

A monogramming machine can offer less than 50 built-in fonts and patterns or more than 100 patterns and fonts.

  • An entry-level monogram machine offers 20 to 50 built-in patterns and 2 to 5 fonts, and you cannot download or install extra patterns and fonts.
  • A mid-range monogram machine offers 50 to 100 built-in patterns and 5 to 8 fonts, and it may give you the option to download and install extra patterns and fonts via a USB flash drive.
  • A high-end monogram machine offers more than 100 built-in designs and 8 to 12 fonts, and it may give you the option to install and download extra patterns and fonts from online or offer you a link where you can design your own patterns using special software.

2. Is it User-friendly?

All monogram machines, even the most basic ones, feature an LED screen. The LED screen displays all the fonts and patterns you can choose from. Selecting from the built-in patterns and fonts is easier, but it may difficult to download new ones from online or install them from a USB flash drive.

If you think you will have trouble connecting the monogram machine to the computer, consider buying one that gives you a lot of options to choose from.

3. Workspace Size

Entry-level monogram machines have a smaller workspace whereas high-end monogram machines have a larger workspace. The size of the workspace you choose depends on how you plan to use your monogram machine. If you only want to perform basic monogramming, go with a 4” x 4” workspace. If you want to perform complex monogramming, go with an 8” x 12” workspace.

4. Number of Needles it Uses

An entry-level monogram machine includes one needle. Since it uses one needle, you will need to stop the monogram machine each time you need to switch to another color. If you do not want to deal with the hassle of changing the thread for a different color, opt for a multi-needle monogram machine. On it, you can thread each needle with a different color, thus allowing you to create multi-colored patterns with ease.

5. Does it Have an Automatic Threader?

Some monogram machines feature an automatic threader, which threads the needle automatically. If you do not want to thread the needle yourself or find the task of doing it difficult, get a monogram machine that comes with this feature.

In the end, the type of monogram machine you want to buy depends on individual requirements and preferences. For those who are new to embroidery, it is important for them to learn the terms related to the monogram machine before buying it.

4 Terms to Know Before You Buy a Monogram Machine

Here are some common terms related to monogram machines you should know beforehand:

1. Hooping

A monogramming machine features hoops connected to the machines. Hooping places the material into the hoop. It stabilizes and tightens the material to prevent it from moving out of place when you are monogramming a pattern. If the border does not line up with the rest of patterns on the material, the material moved.

2. Stabilizer

Monogram machines have a darning foot. The darning foot is not on the material and there is no feed dog to hold the material in place. The stabilizer tightens the material to hold it in place as you monogram the pattern into the material. The stabilizer works in conjunction with hooping.

You will several different types of stabilizers, all with a different purpose and use. You will find stabilizers that you can place on top of the fabric and some you can place at the bottom of the fabric.

3. Digitizing

Digitizing takes a pattern and turns it into a language that only a monogram machine can read and understand. It uses software and works alongside monogram machines. Once the monogram machine has digitized the pattern, it can start stitching it on the material.

Digitizing is a complex process and if you have no experience in computer graphics, you will find it difficult. If you want to work with digitizing, take the time to learn about computer graphics.

4. Free-Motion Embroidery

Free-motion embroidery does not require the use of a monogram machine. You can create your own pattern and use a sewing machine to draw and fill in your pattern. This drops the feed dog and uses a darning foot.

However, this is quite challenging because your hands should move in unison with the sewing machine’s movement. If you do not think you can do that, you can always invest in a stitch regulator, which makes it easier for you to perform free-motion embroidery.

Monogram Machine Recommendations

Here are the top 5 monogram machines you can purchase:

1. Brother SE600 Monogram Machine

A fully automated monogram machine with a 4X4” workspace, 7 feed dogs, and an LCD touchscreen display.


  • Fully automated
  • Use-friendly LCD touchscreen display
  • Large working space
  • LED lights up the workspace


  • Set on a plastic frame, this reducing durability.

2. Janome 12000 Monogram Machine

A monogramming machine with an embossed 15” stainless steel plate, an LCD touchscreen display, an Acufeed feeding system, and 425 built-in stitches.


  • Large working space
  • LCD touchscreen display increases ease of use
  • AcuFeed system offers precise feeding
  • An automated foot adjustment feature


3. Brother PE800 Monogram Machine

The monogram machine has a 5X7” workspace with 135 built-in patterns, memory to import patterns, and an LCD touchscreen display.


  • Built-in designs are easy to use
  • User-friendly LCD touchscreen display
  • Offers a large working space
  • Affordable


4. Janome MC-6300P Monogram Machine

The monogram machine has 66 built-in stitches, 4 one-step buttonholes, drop feet and knee life systems, and an LED display screen.


  • Features an automatic thread cutter
  • Delivers increased stitching speed and great power
  • Has a large working space
  • Drop feed system offers accurate feeding


  • It is very stiff as it starts and while it stops

5. EverSewn Sparrow 30 Monogram Machine

The monogram machine offers 400 decorative and utility stitches, 40 built-in patterns, the automatic needle threading system, and 8 different presser feet.


  • Has a sewing speed of 800 SPM
  • Built-in patterns are easy to access
  • Can perform several types of stitches
  • Features a lightweight and compact footprint


  • Does not have an automatic thread cutter
  • Has a small working space

Our Final Thoughts

Do you want to purchase a monogram machine? If you do, you can choose from one of the ones recommended here. Before you buy a monogram machine, know that even the most basic ones will be costly.

You should also learn about the different features you can find in a monogram machine along with the different terms used to describe certain features of the monogram machine. Since it is a costly purchase, consider buying the most basic model and take classes to learn how to use it to create a variety of different patterns using several different types of fonts.

Once you have gotten the hang of it, which can take months to years, depending on how quickly you pick things up, you can upgrade to either a mid-range monogram machine or high-end monogram machine. Multi-needle monogram machines are mostly used by professionals who perform embroidery on fabric for a living.

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