Costco Brother Sewing Machine Review

Is the Costco Brother Sewing Machine XR3340 the best sewing machine in the industry? Of course, the answer to this question is going to differ from person to person since every craftsperson has unique sewing preferences and needs.

However, once you’re through determining your own personal requirements from a sewing machine, it is our responsibility to judge it based on our experience in the industry. We’re also going to take into account what other customers or reviewers are saying about it in our Costco Brother Sewing Machine review. So without further ado, let’s get started:

If You’re in a Hurry, Here’s a Quick Summary of the Features

  • The innovative automatic threading system
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • 140 stitches and 55 sewing stitches (alphanumeric)
  • Dedicated keys to start and stop operation or to change the position of the needle
  • The needle can be used to develop your own unique patterns
  • The cord is 5 ft. long, 8 inches deep and 12.5 inches tall
  • 10 quick-changing options for presser feet
  • Adjustable speed control for more control

How You Can Benefit From This Machine

Costco Brother Sewing Machines have been known to make quilting and sewing a lot easier than they would have been otherwise. These machines are packed with the most premium quality feed dogs, which are responsible for feeding your choice of fabric into the footer.

A sewing machine from above

The Brother XR3340 also features a super-convenient top-loading bobbin design, which simply means that changing the thread is going to be an effortless job. In addition, you can rest assured that it is a great purchase for both, expert and beginner craftspeople.

Upon testing this Costco Brother Sewing Machine, we found that sewing together squares is an easy task because of its deep and wide sewing tables. If, for instance, you are trying to put together your own design of a blanket or a quilt, you will be able to do so without compromising the very quality of the fabric.

Moving further, this machine also comes with vertical spool pins where other brands either charge a higher price for this feature or completely remove it from its design. Additionally, if you prefer working with some extra light, you’re in luck. The Costco Brother Sewing Machine has pristinely placed LED lighting, which will always light up your entire sewing surface.

With a well lit work station, you will be able to focus on dark material or complex stitching patterns more easily. For this reason, you can go ahead and bid farewell to time-consuming stitching errors that are commonly caused due to lack of light. While the LED light comes with the machine, you can also purchase additional Brother accessories along the way to improve your overall sewing experience.

For instance, you can choose to add buttonholes automatically with a simple add-on or you can look up other interesting accessories that help produce wonderful designs.

Best Features

1. LCD Display Screen

The LCD screen on each Costco Brother Sewing Machine is not only easy on the eyes but also allows you to select the number of stitches, width and length with a simple push of a button. Also, the display advises you about which foot to pick for your stitch selection.

2. Start/Stop Button and Variable Speed Controls

You can now gain extra control over your sewing speed by making use of the on-board keys to start and stop your sewing or even to position your needle up or down. This ability to position your needle precisely is especially useful when you’re pivoting around corners.

3. LED-Lit Work Space

With a bright light over your needle area, you’ll never have trouble working with detail works or dark fabrics or even when you’re sewing in a darker setting.

4. Free Motion Sewing

With this machine, you can use a lever for free-motion quilting by dropping or lifting the feed dogs. As a result, you will be able to, literally, sketch designs with your choice of thread.

5. Automated Needle Threading

Whenever you want to thread your sewing machine’s needle, all you need to do is press a button on the side of the machine, and this annoying chore will be handled for you. Plus, the arrows that are printed on the side of the machine make it easy for users to spot where the upper thread needs to be placed.

6. Quick-Set Top Bobbin (Drop-In Design)

The Costco Brother Sewing Machine features a unique top load, quick-set, drop-in style bobbin, which helps users with an even and a reliable quality of stitch. What’s more, the see-through cover of the bobbin allows you to keep track of your thread.

What Consumers Complained About

Even though this sewing machine only weighs about 19.8 pounds, and is universally considered to be a lightweight model, many users complained about portability. Also, the line-marking used during seaming has been designed behind the needle and does not extend all the way under the needle or in front. For this reason, some users complained that they had trouble maintaining a line during seaming.

Our Final Thoughts: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Since our previous section was about consumer complaints against the Costco Brother Sewing Machine, you should also know that these people judged the machine based on their own needs and preferences. If the machine didn’t serve the purpose they made an investment in it for, then, naturally, they were upset.

However, if you read all positive reviews and reviews of people who had bought their first sewing machine, you’ll notice that it exceeded all of their expectations. For this reason, whether or not you buy the Costco Brother Sewing Machine depends entirely on what you expect to receive from your investment.

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