Brother Sewing Machine Power Cords: How to Get a Replacement

Oh, the excitement that you have when you buy a new sewing machine. The ride back home seems to be so long and you impatiently wait to reach the home. At that moment, you feel like a small child who cannot wait to open their Christmas or Birthday presents. For sewing lovers, a sewing machine is nothing less than a valuable gift.

So, you have reached home and now comes the installation part. This time, you have bought a Brother sewing machine. To set up any model of this company is not a difficult process. The product comes with a DVD and a detailed manual that can help you put together the machine in the easiest way possible.

Once you have assembled the machine, you will then have to connect it with the power supply. For this, you will require Brother sewing machine power cords. You will then connect these cords with the sewing machine and plug them into the power supply to power your machine.

Now, suppose, after six months or so, you found out that the power cord that you kept at a safe space is not there anymore. You are now unable to recall the safe space you had chosen to keep your cord at. Does this mean that your dreams of being a sewing expert have gone the drain? Not at all! If you have lost a power cord, you can easily get a replacement from the market. Brother sewing machine power cords are easily available in the market and can be bought at nominal prices.

Power cords

Brother Sewing Machine Power Cord Overview

A power cord is an essential component of a sewing machine. Without it, no sewing machine can operate. The power cord supplies sewing machines the power they need to operate. The electrical outlets in our home supply electricity in the form of AC current, whereas sewing machines need DC current.

The power cord is responsible for converting AC current into usable DC current. Usually, power cords come in two types, usually either linear or switching. Sewing machines need a switching power supply cord to operate, but some switches can also work on a linear power supply.

In simple words, a power supply cord provides the lifeblood to the sewing machine. So, if anything happens to the power cord, there’s no way you can make that sewing machine work. Regardless of what type of power supply cord you choose, it’s bound to show problems at one time or another.

Similarly, a Brother Sewing Machine power cord can display some problems if users don’t use the power cord responsibly. In this article, we will discuss common mistakes people tend to make with the Brother Sewing Machine power cord.

Problems with the Brother Sewing Machine Power Cords

It’s true that Brother Industries has been a famous brand over the years, especially for sewing machines. The company’s products are known for their reliability and durability. However, like any other brand, it’s products are not fault-free and can develop problems if you don’t use them responsibly.

The sudden breakdown of a sewing machine can be extremely bad for any user. It can be especially bad if that happens when you are working on an important project. Naturally, when Brother sewing machines stop working, people assume that there has been a problem with the machine itself.

However, it is possible that the root cause is a malfunctioning Brother Sewing Machine power cord. Therefore, it’s essential to check the power cord before calling customer care for repairing the sewing machine.

If you know what mistakes to avoid when using a Brother Sewing Machine power cord, you can take necessary action to prolong the life of your machine. Keep your eye out for the following problems when the Brother Sewing Machine stops working.

Removing the Third Prong

It’s common for homes to have electrical outlets with two-pronged receptors. However, many power cords come with a third prong. People who have two-prong electrical circuits have problems connecting a three-prong power cord in their home. Therefore, some people go against their better judgment and remove the third prong without understanding its purpose.

The third prong in some of the Brother Sewing Machine power cords is the ground connector. The additional prong is a critical piece of the power cord and is essential for yours and your home’s safety. The main job of this extra prong is to give an emergency path for electricity when any fault (i.e., short circuit) develops inside the sewing machine.

With the help of this third prong, lethal electricity in the appliance is transferred over to a grounded fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle. This is what keeps people from being electrocuted in case of an accident.

If someone removes the thirs prong from the Brother Sewing Machine power cord, they disable that safety feature. Cutting, breaking off, or removing the third prong in any way not only exposes the users to a safety hazard, but it is also responsible for damaging the electrical appliance. Therefore, if you want your Brothers Sewing Machine products to be durable, refrain from experimenting with the cord.

Worn Power Cords

You may have seen cables wearing down and start to crack as a result. Similarly, it is also possible for the Brother Sewing Machine power cord to crack, although not very common. The power cord is extremely durable, but it can get damaged when someone uses it carelessly, causing the power cord to wear out more quickly.

For instance, many people tug power cords whenever they are stuck between two things. While this may seem to be a harmless action, it is damaging for the Brother Sewing Machine power cord.

When this happens on a regular basis, the Brother Sewing Machine power cord can start to wear out and crack. As a result, the sewing machine doesn’t receive the power it needs and stops working.

In the worst-case scenario, the damaged power cord can ignite electrical fires. Therefore, if you have damaged the Brother Sewing Machine power cord in the same manner, stop using it just in case. It’s wiser to discard the damaged power cord and replace it with a newer one.

Hiding the Brother Sewing Machine Power Cord

A number of homeowners make the mistake of hiding the power cord underneath a carpet or a rug because it doesn’t look visually appealing. These people have no idea how dangerous this is. A power cord placed underneath a thick fabric will not only be stepped on constantly, but it will also heat up exponentially because of the friction.

This can damage the Brother Sewing Machine power cord over time and make it susceptible to creating sparks. We advise you to refrain from covering your sewing machine’s power cords unnecessarily. If that’s unavoidable, install a piece of floor molding to prevent fires.

What Should You Do When Brother Sewing Machine Power Cord Stops Working?

If you find that your sewing machine is not working because of a malfunctioning power cord, you can replace it another power cord. However, if you want improved performance and longer durability of power cords, it’s better to use a power cord associated with the Brother Industries brand. You can use any of the following power cords:

Types of Brother Sewing Machine Power Cords

The Brother brand has plenty of options available for sewing enthusiasts who can choose the cord of their liking. In this article, we’ll have a quick look at some of the power cords options.

1. Brother Cs-6000i Sewing Machine Cable AC Power Cord

At just 4 ounces, this lightweight power cord can be used for all models of the sewing machine. The product fits well with the sewing machine of other brands as well. So, if you have missed your original cable and have to get done with a sewing project, you can trust this power cord to help you complete your job.

2. Motor and Light Block Lead Power Cord without Foot Control

If you prefer only the Brother brand, another good choice can be Motor and Light Block Lead Power Cord Without Foot Control. Available at a price of close to $15, this power cord can be easily used with portable flatbed machines. This cord is also compatible with different models and works just fine on the machines manufactured by other brands.

3. 6ft AC Power Cable Cord for Brother Sewing Machine

Unlike the two cords mentioned above, this particular cable is only compatible with Brother sewing machines. This means that you cannot use it as a replacement cord for the machines of other brands. If you have a Brother sewing machine and you need a cord, you can opt for this item as it works perfectly well Brother machines.

Common Brother Sewing Machine Power Cord Problems

Has it ever happened to you that your sewing machine comes to a sudden halt? You are working on an important project and you have no time to spare, and all of a sudden, your sewing machine decides to stop working. Worried, you get your machine inspected by an expert only to find that the machine is working just fine.

So, what could be the reason for this malfunctioning? In such a situation, it is essential to look for other factors that can contribute to the malfunctioning of your machine. You might be surprised to learn that power cords often cause different types of problems to your electrical appliances. What are those problems, people often ask? In this section, we will have a quick look at the possible electrical cords problems that you may witness while working on a sewing machine powered through a power cord.

1. Frayed or Cracked Power Cords

When it comes to power cords and cables, the problem of fracking and cracking is common than you would have thought. But how do the power cords crack? Suppose you are changing the location of the sewing machine or you are just pulling the cord as it is stuck in the place between the sewing table and the wall, these seemingly harmless actions may damage the cord. The regular tugging and pulling of the cord often result in the cracking of the cord. As a result, your sewing machine will not receive power and refuse to work. But this is not the only problem that may be caused by cracked or frayed power cords. In some cases, a frayed power cord had been responsible for causing an electrical fire. So, if you have a damaged power cord, you shouldn’t think of keep using it. Instead, you should discard it right away and install it with a new one.

2. Broken Ground Prong

Many homes have electrical outlets that have 2-prong receptacles. If you have a power cord that has a third prong, you may face problem while putting the cord into the power socket. Even though wisdom suggests that you should get a cord that is compatible with the outlet, many people go against their better judgment and choose to break off the third prong only to use them in a 2-prong outlet. Doing so often causes damage to your electrical appliance. So, if you don’t want your investment on the sewing machine to go in waste, you should not indulge yourself in any of these experiments and use the cords wisely.

3.Power Cords Underneath the Rugs or Carpet

Many homeowners are also guilty of committing this mistake. Thinking that the power cord running between the sewing machine and the wall will not look visually appealing, many homeowners try to push the cord underneath the carpet or rug. They don’t realize that this is very dangerous and may result in heavy damage. When a power cord is placed underneath a rug, they are subjected to increased heat – because of the heavy foot traffic on the rug – and friction. Over time, the cord gets damaged. This damaged cord is susceptible to creating spark underneath the flammable rug or carpet material. What can you do to save yourself from a possible fire incident? Go to a local home improvement store and get a piece of floor molding. These moldings are normally designed specifically to protect power cords. With the molding in place, you don’t have to worry about fire damage in your home that can result in heavy losses.

Our Final Thoughts

Brother sewing machine power cords are available at different prices. Even though there are several power cords options to choose from, all power cords perform well. Except a few, Brother sewing machine power cords can also work well with other brands as well. If you have bought a Brother sewing machine and you have misplaced the original cord, you don’t have to worry at all. Just buy a Brother power cord from the nearest home maintenance store or place an order online to get hands-on this marvelous item that has provided relief to all sewing lovers.

Needless to say, a device only remains durable as long as people use it with the care it deserves. If you avoid making the same mistakes, you can save yourself from a lot of problems.

While using things carefully is essential, it’s also true that appliances can malfunction even when you use them with care. In these situations, you should find replacements that are compatible with the brand of your machine.

Therefore, when your Brother sewing machine power cord stops working, you should look for the replacement released by the same brand. In the market, you will find plenty of different options. Regardless of the difference in prices, buy the Brother sewing machine power cord for greater performance and durability.

However, when using a power cord, it is also important to exercise caution and to ensure that your little negligence doesn’t result in big damage. As discussed in the article, some negligence from your end can result in heavy loss.

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