Brother XR3340 Review: An Affordable Computerized Sewing Machine

Is XR3340 the best Brother sewing machine out there? While the answer may differ from one person to person as everyone has different sewing needs and preferences, there are certain features that only the Brother XR3340 offer. Before you purchase any sewing machine, you need to learn about its features to determine if it worth buying or a waste of money.

Where do you go to find that out? You turn to our Brother XR3340 reviews.

Knowing what others are saying about the sewing machine can give you a better idea of whether you should buy the Brother XR3340 or another brand that provides the same features as this one. We are going to discuss the benefits of buying a sewing machine from the brand Brother, the prices you can expect to pay, and both negative and positive customer reviews on it.

The Benefits of Buying a Sewing Machine from Brother

Brother sewing machines make sewing and quilting easier. They feature premium quality feed dogs with the function to bring the fabric to the footer. Featuring a top-loading bobbin design, its sewing machines make changing thread an effortless task.

It is a good and dependable sewing machine for both beginners and experts. It is also easy to attach square together using the sewing machine. You can create a quilt or blanket without compromising its quality due to its wide and deep tables.  Sewing machines by Brother also feature vertical spool pins.

Other brands charge a higher price for their sewing machines because of the vertical spool pins feature. If you need more light, most Brother sewing machines feature LED lighting that lights up the whole sewing surface.

This allows you to see stitching patterns and dark material more clearly. You can continue working under the light without making a stitching error due to lack of light. You can also buy accessories by Brother separately to add to your sewing machine.

For instance, you can add automatic buttonholes for creating wonderful designs. You can also buy the accessories that are compatible with your machine at the same time, so they can be shipped to you together.

The Cost of Buying Sewing Machines by Brother

Every sewing machine by Brother is priced differently. Some sewing machines cost under $100 while others are equipped with more features and cost more. If you are learning to sew or quilt, this is a good beginner sewing machine to own. For the Brother XR3340 machine, you can expect to pay around $230.

The Features of Brother XR3340

Are you wondering if you should invest in the Brother XR3340? Here is a list of features you will receive with the machine:

  • Advanced and easy-to-use Threading System and Automatic Needle Threader System
  • Extra-large black LCD display screen
  • 140 built-in stitches and 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches
  • 10 quick-changing presser feet
  • Variable speed control for additional control while sewing
  • On-board keys to start and stop sewing and change the position of the needle
  • The easy-to-use lever to drop the feed dogs to perform free motion quilting
  • Develop your own patterns on fabric using the needle to draw them using thread
  • The cord length is 5 feet, depth is 8 inches, and height is 12.5 inches

What Do Users Think of Brother XR3340?

The following are some reviews by those who bought the Brother XR3340 sewing machine:

Customer Complaints

She bought Brother XR3340 but returned it. When she tested the sewing machine, she found it to be sturdy, despite it being lightweight and only weighing 19.8 pounds. After using it for stitching, she felt the sewing machine could handle heavier materials even though she did not test the sewing machine for it.

The stitches came out good and she also did not experience any problem setting up the sewing machine. She returned the sewing machine because it was difficult to thread. The sewing machine’s lever is located at the back, thus making it hard to see it. Even at the highest position, she still could not tell if she had threaded correctly or not. It was difficult to get the thread behind the small bar at the top of the needle.

After a few attempts, she finally managed to get the threader to function. However, she liked the setup of the bobbin because she did not have to pull up the bobbin thread. She said that she would have kept the sewing machine if she needed a backup for piecing, but she wanted it for sewing.

Other things that she did not were like the placement of the line-markings, which the manufacturer placed at the back of the needle plate and did not drag them on to the front. This made it difficult for her to know if she was on the line during seaming.

She also noted that the needle plate area was raised from the sewing machine’s bed. It also did not have a thread cutter, which she knew before she bought it, but she wants others considering that feature to know.

Positive Reviews

This customer used the Brother XR3340 sewing machine and was very happy with the results, saying that it exceeded her expectations. She stated that the sewing machine could expertly handle heavyweight canvas covers, flannel burp cloths, sheer wrap, and more. Since the customer bought the sewing machine, she has completed many quilting projects, such as detailed embroidery.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

The customer who left a detailed negative review did not say the sewing machine was bad in any way, but it just did not serve the purpose she bought it for. In all, the Brother XR3340 is a sewing machine you can purchase if you feel that it suits your sewing and quilting needs.

If you go by the positive review, the customer really loved her sewing machine, saying that it exceeded her expectations. In the end, it depends solely on your requirements and what your expectations are from a sewing machine.

Our Final Thoughts

The Brother XR3340 sewing machine makes sewing, quilting, and basic monogramming enjoyable, easy, and simple. You can select from 140 built-in stitches, including 55 alphanumeric stitches and 8 styles of one-step buttonholes.

With this sewing machine, you will receive several accessories, such as 10 sewing and quilting feet and an extra wide table to give you more sewing space. You can also buy additional accessories to add to your sewing machine.

The sewing machine features an extra-large backlit LCD display screen with buttons to select the pattern you want to stitch on the material. The Brother XR3340 also features an advanced needle threading system, jam-resistant feature, adjustable speed control, feet system for even and smooth stitching, and quick set-top drop-in bobbin.

You can buy it from the seller’s website directly or order it online. If you are buying from a store or online, be sure to check if the store or seller offers a warranty. If there is no warranty, meaning you cannot return it, do not purchase it.

After using it, you may not like the feel of it or find out that you are looking for something different. If the Brother XR3340 sewing machine works for you, you have found the right sewing machine for yourself. Always remember, you should always check customer reviews as well as ask around you before you buy a sewing machine because you want to make sure that it is a worthwhile investment in the end.

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