Best Sewing Accessories: 7 Must Have Accessories for Sewing

A lot of people get confused when it comes to buying sewing accessories. Just the sight of so many sewing machine accessories on Amazon can be overwhelming. We want to help you figure out what you need and what you don’t need through this guide.

Individuals who are new to sewing often end up buying sewing accessories that they never end up using. However, the fact is that you don’t need to be a hoarder when it comes to buying accessories. Just get the few necessary accessories to get the job done well. We’ll help you find out which sewing accessories are must-haves.

The 7 Best Sewing Accessories

You only need a few accessories for most projects. Here, we have narrowed down the list to some of the most important accessories you should buy for different types of sewing projects.

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1. Sewing Iron

A sewing iron is an important item you need to buy for your sewing project. The iron can be used to neatly press fabrics. This will make stitching corners easier when sewing.

Not all irons are best for sewing projects. You need to buy an iron that gets hot enough to get the wrinkle out of the fabric.

Here’s our pick for the best steaming iron for sewing projects.

Singer Expert Finish Anti-Drip Steam Sewing Iron

The Singer Expert Finish sewing iron ensures fast and even ironing. The sewing iron allows expert garment care when ironing. It comes with a smart auto-off feature. The iron will turn off after 8 minutes when left vertical, 30 seconds when left horizontal or on the side.

An LCD temperature tells the exact temperature. You can press delicate fabrics like silk as well as resilient fabrics like linen and cotton using this iron. The open tip makes it easy to iron pleats and around buttons.

Janome Artistic Heat Press EP100

Janome Artistic Heat Press EP100 is a commercial ironing device that can press eight layers at once. You can get twice as much done with this device.

The Heat Press features electronic safety cut shots after 10 seconds in a closed position. This is perfect for ironing large quilts. The iron can apply 100 lbs of pressure as compared to 20 lbs of most regular irons. The result is less wear and tear and perfectly ironed clothes that are ready for sewing.

2. Sewing Gauge

Another sewing accessory that you should buy is the sewing gauge mark. A sewing gauge makes it easier to mark distances. You can use it to mark distances between hems, buttons, pleats, and tucks.

Before buying a sewing gauge mark, you should make sure that the sliding marker will lock in place. This is important for exact measurements.

Here’s a review of the top sewing gauge device for a sewing machine.

Singer 00220 Sewing Gauge

The Singer 00220 sewing gauge is particularly made for sewing projects. You can use the gauge to measure the space and hem depth between buttonholes, pleats, and space tucks.

The slider allows the gauge to lock position for repeated marking. Also, you can use this feature to draw circles. The ruler is printed with centimeters and inches. This can improve accuracy and save time when measuring sections of cloth.

The gauge is made of sturdy aluminum and the markings are easy to read. Considering the prices, this is a great bargain.

Juki Magnetic Sewing Gauge

Juki magnetic sewing gauge is another great measuring gauge for sewing projects. The gauge can guide the edges of fabrics to be kept straight. The magnet is strong, and it stays in place when measuring projects.

You can use this sewing gauge with only Juki TL series sewing machines. The gauge may be a bit pricey, but it’s perfect for Juki models TL-2010Q, 98P, 98Q, 98QE, and 2000QI.

3. Cutting Set

The rotary cutting set is a basic sewing accessory that is a must for many sewing projects. The accessory can be used for cutting fabric up to a desired measurement.

The cutting set comes with different accessories. The cutter can glide through vinyl, felt, and many other fabrics.

Here, we have picked the best rotary cutting machine that you can use for most sewing projects.

Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Cutting Machine

Brother ScanNCut cutting machine comes with everything you need for cutting designs.

The machine allows precise cutting due to the quality carbide blade. You can use the machine to take sewing to a whole new level.

You can select from different built-in fonts and designs. In addition, the machine features 300 DPI scanners that you can use to design your own cut. The machine can scan just about anything, including photos, handmade drawings, home decor designs, and more.

You can also create custom cut outlines or shapes to fit the unique project. The cutter features an LCD touch screen that allows you to select the desired settings. The machine can also read SVG data files and has more than 600 built-in designs.

4. Hemmer Foot Set

A Hemmer Foot is another important accessory that you should buy. The accessory can help you to press narrow hems. In addition, the tool can prevent your finger from getting burned.

Using a hemmer foot can save a lot of time in finishing edges and hems for a long fabric strip. The accessory has a small curl that takes the fabric in and outputs rolled fabric edges. You can use the accessory to make zigzag stitched edges and small straight stitched hems.

Most of the sewing machines come with a hemmer foot that attaches with a screw. You can also buy hemmer feet separately on Amazon.

Let’s review some of the best-rated hemmer feet available online.

Janome Top Load Hemmer Feet

Janome hemmer feet comes with 4mm and 6mm sets. You can use the accessory for stitching narrow rolled hems on table linens, shirttails, and frills.

The hemmer feet have a straight groove below and a scroll-shaped feed on the top. The width of the finished hem is determined by the straight groove that is on the underside. Using the hemmer feet will save you a lot of time when sewing clothes using Janome sewing machines.

Singer Low Center Hemmer Foot P60001

Singer Low Center Hemmer Foot works great with all types of popular sewing machines including Janome, Juki, Brother, and many more. The hemmer foot is great for hems that is difficult to reach by hand.

The hemmer foot can automatically curl under a double hem while stitching with a straight or decorative hemstitch. This hemmer feet will work best on gowns, blouses, and different lightweight fabric.

Brother SA126 Narrow Hem Foot

Brother SA126 Narrow Hem Foot is a must-have accessory for all types of Brother sewing machines. You can use the sewing accessory for creating hems on light fabrics. It can stitch and fold fabric edges in one step.

Using the hemmer foot may have a bit of a learning curve, but you will get a hang of it after practicing.

Rolled Hem Presser Foot

Rolled Hem Presser Foot works great for all popular Singer, Juki, Janome, and other sewing machines. The hemmer foot can be used for sewing with lightweight fabrics.

The sewing machine allows you to start sewing rolled hems right away.

You can use the accessory on any household machine with low shank. Machines with low shank have three-quarter of an inch space between the screw and the bottom of the foot. This accessory will not work with machines with a high shank or more than one and one quarter inch space.

5. Pin Cushions

You should also buy pin cushions to keep your needles organized and neat. You can find a pin cushion easily and never lose a single pin or needle again. One of the best pin cushions you can find online is the Singer Fashion Pin Cushion. A great thing about the cushion is that it allows you to insert pins and needles for sharpening points.

You can use the pins and needles to keep pins and needles in a location for easy access. The accessory comes with different size pink and black pincushions while the emery is strawberry colored.

You can buy the pin cushion separately or with as part of a bundle that contains comfort gel seam ripper, retractable tape measure, and fashion pin cushion.

6. Thimbles

Thimbles are an important sewing accessory for certain sewing projects. You can use the accessory for heavy fabrics like leather and denim. By using this accessory, you won’t have to pin your finger as you cut several layers of heavy fabric.

7. Scissors

No list of sewing machine accessory will be complete without scissors. This is used in almost all types of sewing machine both at home and in a commercial setting.

Basically, scissors are made for cutting. However, each type of sewing scissors has its corresponding purpose depending on what craft you’re about to do or material you’re going to use.

The problem is that there is not one, but many different sizes of scissors. You should be familiar with the different types of sewing machines that are used for different projects.

Using the right scissor will help you to avoid making mistakes with your sewing project. Here is a list of different types of scissors that are used for sewing projects.

Rotary Cutter

The sewing scissor is generally used for quilting projects. This cutter is usually used with a rotary mat. The versatile cutter can be used for cutting different materials including leather, fabric, and paper. With this scissor, you can cut multiple fabric layers all at the same time.

Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are saw-toothed scissor pairs that leave a zig-zag design after cutting. You can use this scissor for cutting edges of the seam. This will prevent the edges from unraveling. Using the scissor will prevent excessive fraying after washing.

Quilting Scissors

Quilting scissors are used for trimming heavy fabrics like denim. Two important types of quilting scissors include the rag quilting snips and the heavy-duty shears.

Heavy Duty Shears

You can use the heavy-duty shear for cutting tough cloth materials and heavy fabrics. It is the ideal scissor for sewing upholstery and carpet.

Rag Quilting Snip

Rag quilting snip is used for cutting for tabletop sewing projects. The scissor has sharp short blades that allow quick snipping.

Embroidery Scissors

The scissors have a sharp, thin tip that is recommended for safe and accurate cutting of threads. The scissors are small and the length of the scissor ranges from 3 to 6 inches.

Specialty Sewing Scissors

This type of scissors allows you to perform specific tasks. You can use the scissors to cut open buttonholes. Also, you can use the scissors for cutting small areas of the cloth that is not possible with a typical sewing scissor.

Seam Ripper

A seam ripper is used for removing stitch or seam. You can’t remove the seam with a normal or special sewing scissor. The seam ripper will be particularly useful for embroidery stitches. Make sure that you buy a sharp one that can cut different types of clothes.

Which Sewing Accessories Do You Need?

The above information will help you in selecting the right accessories for your next sewing project. You can use these accessories for all DIY sewing projects. This will help anyone aspiring to start the sewing craft breeze through different sewing projects.

Make sure that you test the accessory before buying them. Always buy sewing accessories from reputable brands. Moreover, you should make sure that the product that you buy will be compatible with your sewing machine.

Some of the parts mentioned here can be used with any sewing machines. However, some can only be used with specific machines so choose carefully.

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